Berler, Beatrice


Berler, Beatrice


Bio: Beatrice Adele "Beady" Berler was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Max and Clary (Bichman) Goldenblank on May10,1915. She moved to Texas as a young woman and married Albert Berler on May 15,1945. She later attended Trinity University and graduated in 1960 with her Bachelor of Arts degree in history. In 1963, she received her Master of Arts in Foreign Language also at Trinity. In the 1950s, Brandeis University asked Jewish women to help create a library collection. The National Women's Committee organized 65 chapters around the United States and Berler served as the head of the chapter in San Antonio. Berler also served as the President and Trustee of the National Women's Committee from 1971-1973. Berler died on September 11,2000. The bulk of her personal papers are held in the University of Texas, San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.


LBJ Connection: Donor of political memorabilia from the 1952 Presidential election