Boggs, Lindy, 1916-


Boggs, Lindy, 1916-


Bio: Lindy Boggs was the widow of Hale Boggs. She served as Chairperson at the Inaugural Ball Committee for Presidents Kennedy and Johnson; she was the first woman elected to House of Representatives from Louisiana, serving as Congresswoman, 1973-1990. She was the first woman to preside over a national convention, the Democratic National Convention, in 1976, and served as U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Vatican.


L-R: Ed Foley, Joe Moran, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, Lindy Boggs, Ed Richards. Presentation of gold Inaugural medal to Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. P-38, The Capitol, Washington DC, 06/14/1961. Photo # 61-6-79.Pre-Presidential Photo Collection, LBJ Presidential Library. No source information available: copyright restrictions may apply.


LBJ Connection: U.S. Congresswoman, Louisiana, 1973-1990; Widow of Hale Boggs; Chairperson of Inaugural Ball Committee for Presidents Kennedy and Johnson