Currie, Haver Cecil, 1908-1993


Currie, Haver Cecil, 1908-1993


Bio: Haver Cecil Currie, also known as H. C. Currie (b. November 1, 1908, Mississippi-d. February 17, 1993, Austin, Texas), was a socio-linguist, poet and author. Currie graduated from Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi in 1930. He was a linguistics professor at the University of Houston and Texas Lutheran University, and one of the developers of the field of sociolinguistics. He married Ruissy Eva Currie in 1935, and they had one son. Currie lived in Austin, Texas and is interred in Austin Memorial Park Cemetery in Austin, Texas.


LBJ Connection: Donor of materials related to Trinh Hung Ngau, a Vietnamese anti-communist nationalist