Feldman, George Joseph, 1903-1994


Feldman, George Joseph, 1903-1994


Bio: George J. Feldman, also known as G. J. Feldman, (b. November 6, 1903-d. November 22, 1994, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania), became an administrative assistant to Senator David L. Walsh, a Massachusetts Democrat, in the 1930s, and later served as a lawyer with the Federal Trade Commission and the National Recovery Administration. During World War II, he joined the Air Force, eventually attaining the rank of major. From 1965 to 1967, after being appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, he served as the nation's first Ambassador to Malta. President Johnson later named Feldman as ambassador to Luxembourg.


LBJ Connection: Ambassador to Malta, 1965-1967; then Ambassador to Luxembourg