Huntington, Albert H., 1913-2001


Huntington, Albert H., 1913-2001


Bio: Albert H. Huntington, Jr. (1913-2001) was a government official involved with the U.S. foreign aid program for over thirty years. He joined the staff of the Statistics and Reports Division of the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA) in June 1948, and continued working for the successor agencies of the ECA, including the Technical Cooperation Administration (TCA), the Mutual Security Administration (MSA), the Foreign Operations Administration (FOA), the International Cooperation Administration (ICA) and the Agency for International Development (AID). After his retirement in 1979, Huntington continued working part time at AID where he had access to the historical records of the agency. He began providing the Eisenhower Library with electrostatic copies of significant historical reports that documented the development of the foreign aid program.


LBJ Connection: Donor of materials related to the United States Agency for International Development