Jones, John Wesley, 1907-1998


Jones, John Wesley, 1907-1998


Bio: John Wesley Jones (1907-1998) was a Foreign Service officer and diplomat. After graduating from George Washington University in 1930, he joined the Foreign Service. He served in Mexico and Italy, and was one of the last diplomats to leave China after the Communist takeover. He was director of the State Department's Office of Western European Affairs in Washington from 1953 to 1957. In 1958 he was appointed Ambassador to Libya, and he served as Ambassador to Peru from 1963 to 1969.


L-R: Amb. John Wesley Jones and President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Covey T. Oliver sits with back to camera. Meeting, Oval Office, White House, Washington DC, 11/8/1967. Photo # a5113-4a by Yoichi Okamoto. White House Photo Office collection, LBJ Presidential Library, public domain.


LBJ Connection: U.S. Ambassador to Peru, 1963-1969