Keever, Jack Elton, 1938-2004


Keever, Jack Elton, 1938-2004


Bio: Jack Keever (b. May 10, 1938-d. July 18, 2004, Austin, Texas) was an American journalist and author, best known his coverage of Charles Whitman's 1966 shooting spree. Keever began his career as the managing editor of The Daily Texan in 1959. He joined the Associated Press in 1961, where he would remain for thirty years. In addition to his coverage of the tower shooting, he also wrote sports columns for the University of Texas Longhorns, as well as local legislative sessions and governor's races. After transferring to the AP's Austin bureau, he reviewed articles before they were distributed through the wire service. In 1992, he retired from The Associated Press. He then later taught courses in journalism at Austin Community College until 2000.


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