Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1902-1985



Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1902-1985


Bio: Henry Cabot Lodge (1902-1985) was a journalist, U.S. Senator, and diplomat, and the grandson of statesman Henry Cabot Lodge, Sr. After graduating from Harvard University, he joined the U.S. Army Reserve. He began working as a journalist in Boston and New York in the 1920s, and launched a political career in 1932. He was elected to the Massachusetts legislature in 1932, was reelected in 1934, and was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1936. He resigned from the U.S. Senate in February 1944 to enter active service, and achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel. After World War II, he was reelected to the U.S. Senate in 1946. He played an influential role in the Republican Party, and helped Dwight D. Eisenhower secure the nomination for president. After Eisenhower's election, Lodge was appointed Ambassador to the United Nations, with cabinet rank. He was selected by Richard M. Nixon to run with him on the Republican ticket for the 1960 presidential election. After Kennedy won the election, Lodge was appointed Ambassador to Vietnam. He served in this position from 1963 to June 1965, and August 1965 to April 1967. He served as Ambassador to Germany during the last half of President Johnson's administration. He served as Chief negotiator at the Vietnam Peace Talks in Paris from 1968 to December 1969, and he served as special envoy to the Vatican from 1970 to 1977. He retired in 1977 and moved home to Massachusetts, where he lived until his death in 1985.


Meeting out of session; Amb. Henry Cabot Lodge (left) and William Bundy. National Security meeting on Vietnam, 2:45 P.M. session, Cabinet Room, White House, Washington DC, 7/21/1965. Photo # a877-16a by Yoichi Okamoto.White House Photo Office collection, LBJ Presidential Library, public domain.


LBJ Connection: U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam, 1963-1967; Ambassador to Germany, 1968-1969; Vietnam Peace Talks chief negotiator