Oral history transcript, William H. Crook, interview 1 (I), 8/21/1969, by David G. McComb


Oral history transcript, William H. Crook, interview 1 (I), 8/21/1969, by David G. McComb

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Biographical information; Crook's early contact with LBJ; Crook's loyalty in the 1960 presidential election despite problems showing his public support for LBJ and/or JFK; Crook's role in the 1960 presidential campaign; Crook's contact with Vice President LBJ; relationships between Ralph Yarborough, John Connally and LBJ; Crook's relationship with Bill Moyers; Crook's role in JFK's November 1963 trip to Texas; Crook being considered for an ambassadorship; the direct phone connection between Crook's house and the White House; LBJ's insistence that Crook find a position in the administration; LBJ's visit and reception at Crook's home; Crook's dogs named after Charles de Gaulle and a dog LBJ gave the Crook family; LBJ's interest in antelope; LBJ's desire to plant bluebonnets along Texas highways; positions LBJ and Sargent Shriver offered to Crook after the 1964 election; Sargent Shriver's personality and influence on government; LBJ's determination to make poverty programs work; a lack of support for LBJ in the Office of Economic Opportunity; tension between OEO and the Bureau of the Budget; Shriver's weaknesses as a leader; OEO's greatest successes; involving poor people in issues that affect them; the Gary Job Corps Center in San Marcos, Texas; tension between LBJ and Bill Moyers; the possibility of Crook heading OEO; how Crook became the ambassador to Australia; problems between LBJ and Ralph Yarborough; Crook's views on Vietnam and the November 1968 bombing halt; LBJ's agony over Vietnam; Australia's affinity for LBJ; Crook's interaction with cabinet members, White House staff, and congressional liaisons; LBJ's expectations of his staff members; how LBJ will be viewed in US history.


Crook, William H. (William Herbert), 1925-1997


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William H. Crook


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