Oral history transcript, James R. Jones, interview 4 (IV), 1/28/1985, by Michael L. Gillette


Oral history transcript, James R. Jones, interview 4 (IV), 1/28/1985, by Michael L. Gillette

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Townsend Hoopes; LBJ’s decision-making; LBJ’s relationship with Dean Rusk and Ramsey Clark; Clark Clifford; the relationship between LBJ and his staff; Spring 1968 turnaround in attitudes regarding Vietnam among LBJ’s staff; General William Westmoreland; Robert McNamara leaving LBJ’s staff; LBJ’s view of civil rights; Martin Luther King’s relationship with LBJ and his death; Resurrection City; LBJ meeting with people who wanted to discuss appointments; keeping meetings on or off the record; working with Marvin Watson; night reading; LBJ’s memory; LBJ’s humor; a Chinese employee of Ambassador Raul Castro who came to work for LBJ; LBJ’s and staff’s relationship with the press and privacy; LBJ’s decision not to run for re-election in 1968 and who knew about it; Jones’ duties surrounding the 3/31/68 speech; 1968 presidential campaign; rumors that Nixon was making deals with South Vietnam; LBJ’s support of candidates, including Hubert Humphrey; Humphrey campaign event in Houston; 1968 Democratic convention; LBJ’s relationships with Nguyen Cao Ky and Nguyen Van Thieu; LBJ’s 1969 farewell address to Congress; the Fortas/Thornberry Supreme Court incident; LBJ farewell get-together at the White House; LBJ’s problem with TV appearances; Robert Kennedy; LBJ’s meetings with potential 1968 candidates; the 1969 transition; LBJ/Nixon relationship; LBJ’s relationship with governors, including Connally; what happened to the LBJ staff after LBJ left office; George Reedy; RFK’s death; LBJ’s opinion of JFK; LBJ and Catholicism; anti-war statements from a preacher in Williamsburg, Virginia; LBJ’s opinion of Mrs. Johnson’s work with beautification; Willard Wirtz; the day of Nixon’s inauguration and LBJ’s and Jones’ activities that day; adjusting to life after working for the President. LBJ’s regrets; Bill Moyers; LBJ’s interaction with other world leaders; Glassboro Conference; entertaining Kosygin’s daughter; Jones’ role at Punta del Este; LBJ’s dog, Yuki; LBJ attending Jones’ wedding; Olive Golden; Everett Dirksen; Barry Goldwater; Senator J. William Fulbright.


Jones, James R.


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