Letter, Lyndon B. Johnson to Lady Bird Johnson, 8/14/1939


Letter, Lyndon B. Johnson to Lady Bird Johnson, 8/14/1939

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LBJ and Lady Bird purchasing/building a house, Johnson finances, upcoming campaign and campaign finances, Lady Bird golf lessons


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[undated, postmarked 8/14/39]
Your sweet letter written at 6:45 Friday made me just as happy as your Wednesday letter made me sad. You do know that I’m coming home the first minute I can get away from the work here--don’t you? You do know that it won’t be November--don’t you? You do know that I didn’t intend to indicate any such thing when I made that statement but rather was expressing my disgust at having had to stay this long and it seems as long as November. Now lets forget all that. We have too very pleasant things to think about--don’t we. For instance every time I get blue I think how
lucky I am to have you and how kind fate has been to both of us. Good health, good name and the satisfaction of being in a position to make life better for so many who can’t do it for themselves. We have already done enough together for others to coast for several years-- haven’t we dear?
About the house, darling. True I’m not very enthusiastic about anything that is long and drawn out. I’ve never been and I don’t kid myself and don’t try to kid you. I wanted you to build a house when you went home for 3 reasons: 1. Because you wanted a house 2. Because I wanted a place to live when I got home 3. Because I wanted a (a) square bath tub (b) an outside terrace
(c) and a Murphy bed in the living room. When I learned that the house couldn’t be ready until November just before we come back and had thrown in the suggestion--no square bath--no terrace--no Murphy I wasn’t enthusiastic altho’ I tried not to be critical because I know you are not in anyway to blame. Then too I’m broke and know the Garner people are going to run someone against me and that means thousands for a campaign and if I borrowed my capacity for a house I might not have ready cash in March and April when I need it. But darling whatever is done I’ll be happy. You know the thing I’m most interested in
now is keeping you happy and getting home to be happy with you.
I’ve bought you some pretty things. Watch for them. They will be along soon. I tried to telephone you tonight but you were in San M. hence I’ll invest the same amount in perfume for you tomorrow & am sure you’ll enjoy it more--at least it will last longer. All I was going to say you already know. I love you more every day--love you--love you Kisses & spanks O O O O O O O O O O Please take 6 more golf lesons by the time I get home. Please--please. I’m coming soon as I can. Senator may come next week. Love LBJ

[Envelope postmarked: Washington, D.C., 8/14/1939, 10:30 PM]