Letter, Lady Bird Johnson to Lyndon B. Johnson, 1940


Letter, Lady Bird Johnson to Lyndon B. Johnson, 1940

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[undated 1940]
Darling -
When I talked to you Sunday I was as thrilled to hear about the job you may have during the campaign! I’d love to know every detail of it. That sounds like what I’ve been hoping all along would happen to you and what you can do better than
anyone else. You’ll have a field of operation in which [two illegible words crossed out] you can exercise your particular talents to the utmost, and learn lots, and have lots of other people learn about you. I’m very eager for the deal to go thru and want to know the minute things are decided!
As for me, [illegible word crossed out] if you are to be in Washington until about
November 8 or 10, I wa want to come back and spend October there. Of course I understand you will be working with all the intensity and long hours that you were in your own campaign and I would scarsely [sic] see you. [illegible letter crossed out] However, Washington is like more like “home” to me than anywhere, I have more friends there,
- and after two months I am a little lonesome to return. Also I want to look for a place to live next year – and other reasons.
I’ve been following the President’s activities this week –to Jasper Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and to Pennsylvania today – so I’m sure you haven’t been able to see him and that you won’t be able to come to Texas
this week-end.
Sunday or Monday I am going to Austin to see what disposition I want to make of that apartment – to clean it up thoroughly and have it ready for either to rent or to live in.
When I was in Dallas I went in a book store and loaded up on books- bought three also for

Charles and Alice. One of theirs had to be ordered but it should arrive soon and I’ll mail them all then. I’ve certainly read omnivorously this summer – and enjoyed it fully.
Dear, I wish you would call me Saturday night or Sunday morning and tell me if you’ve any more news about whether
you’re taking the job. And please write me whether my return around October first – would it interfere with your job plans?
I love you –
Lady Bird