Letter, Lady Bird Johnson to Lyndon B. Johnson, May 9


Letter, Lady Bird Johnson to Lyndon B. Johnson, May 9

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Upcoming plans for summer


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Presidential (Nov. 22, 1963-Jan. 20, 1969)


Thursday, May 9
Beloved –
This summer that is beginning is probably one of the most important in my life – our lives – for many reasons, and I am sitting here trying to figure it out so that we shall all look back on it as a golden time – and each have some of what we enjoy most – not just let it be devoured by trivia.
You know we are rather subject to the slavery of
“The World vs too much with us soon and late
Getting and spending, we lay waste our lives.”
So here, written out, in accordance with your own schedule, and Lynda’s yarnings [sic], and Lucy’s high hopes, and my own desires are plans for the next nine weeks – which I hope you’ll want us all to do too, and we’ll do much of it together.
I’m only going to list those things that are important or out of town. The red pencils mean real Hearts Desire!
In case I get run over by a truck suddenly let me tell you –
how much I loved your letters to Bernie and Lynda –
how much I noticed your kindnesses to Rodney lately –
how good I think you’ve been about trying to understand Lucy more & come
closer to her.
and – how very gallantly I think you’ve behaved in this job & situation you find
yourself in.
In fact – I just love you.
Your wife