Letter, Lady Bird Taylor to Lyndon Johnson, 10/23/1934?


Letter, Lady Bird Taylor to Lyndon Johnson, 10/23/1934?


Lady Bird wishes LBJ was with her to enjoy walks and just talking; she describes her roses, the lawn, and the glorious Indian summer. She would like to have intriguing things to write but she can only tell him that she loves him.


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Pre-Presidential (Before Nov. 22, 1963)


[October 23, 1934 ?]
Tuesday afternoon 2:00
My dearest –
I wonder what you are doing now…I wish you were here with me. I feel so comfortable and peaceful and lazy…I wish you were talking to me.
In a little while I shall go down to Karnack after the mail. If only there is a big, sweet one from you! I am so anxious to hear all about your plans. I hope they will mean a lot to you--that there will be a wonderful chance in them, Lyndon.
In the end of Somewhere in the Episcopal
prayer book there is a line which says “Give us a happy issue out of all our difficulties.” That is what is going to happen to us, Lyndon. Do you believe it? I do.
Yesterday I made a very estimable sherbert and some cranberry jelly out of my cook book! (Perhaps in two or three years I shall have learned how to make everything in it!)
My roses are blooming beautifully--I am so proud of them. The lawn is all plowed up now and ready to be leveled. I can’t wait to plant the hollyhocks and
the pansies and the climbing roses and the wisteria vine and everything! I want to plant them today and see them bloom tomoro. (I am not patient about all things.)
It keeps on being the most glorious, golden Indian summer…Tomoro morning I shall get up early (as usual) and go for a long walk in the woods way over in the Big Pines, which has always been one of my favorite spots since I was little…Almost everything I do I think how much more fun it would be to be doing it with you.
Tomoro when I write you I shall have a small but I hope interesting piece of news to tell you, dear! Something you will like.
There isn’t anything very intriguing to write you about, dear. I wish there were. Are my letters dull!...So I can only tell you that I love you. Do you like to hear that? (It must be getting tremendously trite!) Its not meant to be distracting…its just meant to be reassuring, something for you to sort of lean back on when you feel tired or blue or discouraged. Goodbye until tomoro.
Always, devotedly