Letter, Lady Bird Taylor to Lyndon Johnson, 9/17/1934?


Letter, Lady Bird Taylor to Lyndon Johnson, 9/17/1934?


Lady Bird comments that this time last week she and LBJ drove to Marshall and mentions that she is writing by candlelight because their "Delco" is "pfft." She describes finding and cleaning her mother's stone flower pots. She talks about LBJ's phone call, asks about his school work and his free time, and tells LBJ that her father is very impressed with him.


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Pre-Presidential (Before Nov. 22, 1963)


[September 17, 1934 ?]
Monday Nite
Dear -
This time last week you and I were riding along on our way to Marshall… It seems ages --and yet its so vividly remembered it seems only an hour ago.
The Delco has pftt (that’s no word--only one of Mr. Winchells’ expressions)--so I’m sitting here by a kerosene lamp and a candle. And feeling like one on the last outposts of civilization. When I come up the stairs the lamp makes the queerest shadows in the corners and I am very scared!...(I wish for you more
than ever then).
Today I discovered two of Mother’s old carved stone flower pots, muchly covered with dirt and accumulation of years of debris. So I scrubbed them up until they’re nice and new and now I’m going to put soil in them and plant lavender hyacinths and red tulips! Its more fun making thing look prettier and renovating old things! Also I learn quite a lot.
What courses are you taking, dear? And how long do you go to school? And when do you study? And whenever do you play, Lyndon? There isn’t
any time left for you to, you poor lamb. But I adore you for being so ambitious and dynamic!
Laura was there when I talked to you last night. I, of course, got there about a half hour ahead of time and we had a long talk...the first time I’ve seen anyone besides Dorris since getting home. She (Laura) was as thrilled as I over your call! (Nobody in Marshall knows you can talk that far over the phone--especially just for fun and not business.)
It was so darling to hear your voice, right up close. Also it was nice becaue Saturday
I was feeling quite low and then all of a sudden I’d remember I had something to look forward to Sunday night. And I would feel happy!
Daddy expressed himself about you the other night and was I surprised--I mean because he is so seldom enthusiastic about any of the young men I bring around. And he thinks very highly of you! I surely was glad. He made several complimentary remarks, quite of his own volition, and I just sat up there and grinned to myself.
I must write Gene. And do you likewise, love, when you’ve ever time! Goodnite, dear dear Lyndon