Letter, Lady Bird Taylor to Lyndon Johnson, 9/22/1934?


Letter, Lady Bird Taylor to Lyndon Johnson, 9/22/1934?


Lady Bird thanks LBJ for the candy he sent her. She describes her plans for tomorrow: company is coming for dinner, then she will walk in the woods and play some of her mother's old records.


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Pre-Presidential (Before Nov. 22, 1963)


[September 22, 1934 pm?]
Saturday Nite
I went down after my mail this afternoon and there was my grand big box of candy! I was gleeful--it was such a delightful surprise. You are so thoughtful, Lyndon--and I treasure everything sweet you say to me or do for me.
I had two buoyant letters from Gene today. She’d been to Galveston with some charming people and also to San Antonio--to night clubs and such gay places and was quite happy again. I was ever so glad cause she’d been not so
Lyndon, I have the silliest feeling every time I write you a letter--when I’ve f sealed it up I feel like I want to tear it open and say something else! I feel like I didn’t say everything I want to.
Tomoro we’ve company coming for dinner--my cousin Leo and Trenna Mae and their three darling children. I’m quite glad--Dad and I get a little lonesome sometime.
And being’s as its Sunday I can’t work so I think I’ll take a long walk in the woods--something I
love and haven’t had time to do. And play some of mother’s old records…She had lots of Rigoletto and Aida and Traviata and most of the Verdi operas. I adore them! Do you like music?
I seldom think of the Outside World until I get a letter from Gene or someone who does a lot of interesting things.…Then I set to planning on going to Dallas for the O. U. game or the A.P.I! But mostly I am quite content here.
I’ve a feeling you’ll just about get two letters in the same mail--‘cause
I just took one to the post office this afternoon. Do you mind, love?
Its too bad I have to write such inanities--its because I don’t do anything exciting!
Is school working you terribly hard, dearest? I wish I were there to study with you. I like law--I’ve had two rather elementary law courses and I used to study with a couple of real law students down at school.
Its such a beautiful night I’m just sitting here thinking where would I like us to be…on some water somewhere, I know.
Goodnight, my very dear Lyndon And thanks for my so good candy! Love, Bird

[Written on the centerfold between pages 3 and 4] Please write me another long letter soon.