Letter, Lady Bird Taylor to Lyndon Johnson, 9/27/1934?


Letter, Lady Bird Taylor to Lyndon Johnson, 9/27/1934?


Lady Bird expresses feelings of discontent and wanderlust. She mentions receiving the architect's sketches for renovations to the house and talks about books she has on her table. She asks LBJ to write her about the "Outside World" and about himself, and comments on how often she is writing LBJ.


Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007; Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973


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Pre-Presidential (Before Nov. 22, 1963)


[Written on BIRD TAYLOR stationery]
[September 27, 1934 ?]
Thursday Nite
Good morning, my love!
--At least I hope this is getting there on Sunday morning.
I feel very queer tonight--not very happy, nor content. It’s the wanderlust, I think…I want to be all sorts of queer, faraway places where Things are Happening!...But then I knew I’d be feeling thataway here, off and on. It will only, I think, make me enjoy People and Dear Places more when I get back to them!... And right now I’ve a job here.
The preliminary sketches
came from my architect today---one Somdal, a large blonde Nordic. We shall go all over the house and decide on everything we want and have specifications to submit to contractors for bids by Oct. 15, I hope!
I have five books on the table by me--my dear urbane Branch Cabell’s “Smirt,” and scientist Beehe’s enchanting “Galapagos”, and a romantic biography of that great Asiatic conqueror Tamerlane, and two others. But they don’t serve to amuse me very well! I’d so love to be dining in same gay, attractive place, with someone I enjoyed, listening to good conversation! Wouldn’t
I adore being with you! Sometimes, I expect, Lyndon I miss you far more than you do me…Because you’re kept so busy and so constantly with people, you haven’t much time to.
I’m very sorry I haven’t any more pictures to enclose. I went by after them today and the photographer was so sorry but he hadn’t even taken them out of the kodak yet!..They’ll probably look like bears anyhow.
I wonder what you’re doing right now, my dear. Being’s as its just 8:45 I guess you’re getting down to studying one of those hard courses. Do you brief all your cases!...I wish I were there to
ruffle up your hair and play with you! But I wouldn’t disturb you for but just a minute while you were studying, ’cause I’d want you to.
Darling, you won’t ever get to fuss at me again for not writing frequently--at least not for a long time! Cause I think I’ve written nearly every day for seven or so days. But you mustn’t fuss anyway. Because I love you.
Goodnight, my dear. Write me about the Outside World and the gay life beyond the “provinces” and, mostly, about your own dear self. My love,