Letter, Lyndon Johnson to Lady Bird Taylor, 10/22/1934


Letter, Lyndon Johnson to Lady Bird Taylor, 10/22/1934


LBJ describes a call from Senator [Alvin] Wirtz offering him employment in Austin, Texas. He had to say yes or no, and he said yes. He will let Lady Bird know details later.


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[Written on Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, R. M. Kleberg stationery]
[October 22, 1934]
Monday – 2:45 –
My dear Bird;
The postman hasn’t brought me my letter today--if I have one--and probably I should wait until he makes his last round before beginning this one. I hope he will get here before I finish.
Without a warning of any kind Saturday a.m., Gene buzzed me while I was in the next office dictating the morning mail to L.E. and when I lifted the receiver from the telephone it was Senator Wirtz talking from Austin. He prefaced his statement by saying several friends were in his office at the time and they had decided to call me and insist that I leave Washington immediately and come to Austin to take up other employment. He said I would draw full time salary and report to the office after lunch. I attempted to get some definite data with reference to salary, character of work etc and the Senators replied something like this “Don’t you think 3 or 4 thousand per annum will
be sufficient?” I assured them that it would, but fearing indefiniteness as I do, I’ve written Welly again insisting on as large a salary as possible.
They have asked me to say nothing just now about the exact position. I had to say yes or no then--so I said yes. Was it best? They will probably let me have the details later in the week and I’ll write you more fully and possibly more “completely” then.
Am enclosing some clippings which I thought you would enjoy reading--
Be sweet and write--
Please return copies of my letters to Welly--
[Two newspaper clippings enclosed.]
[Envelope postmarked: Washington, D.C., 10/22/1934, 6 - PM and Washington, D.C., 10/22/1934, 7 - PM]