Letter, Lyndon Johnson to Lady Bird Taylor, 11/7/1934


Letter, Lyndon Johnson to Lady Bird Taylor, 11/7/1934


LBJ writes from the Nueces Hotel in Corpus Christi and tells Lady Bird that he has been very busy since coming to Texas and mentions people he has seen and meetings attended. He briefly comments on plans for Thanksgiving.


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[Written on The Nueces Hotel, Corpus Christi, Texas stationery]
[November 7, 1934]
Wednesday Night
I’ve been very busy since I left you--but not too busy to think of you. Think I would get extravagant again and call you tonight if I felt that you could be reached. Your wire this morning was thoughtful but not nearly as complete and as satisfying as a letter would have been.
Monday night I stayed in Floresville. Talked to Mr. and Mrs. Fore until after two Tuesday morning and had to get up for breakfast at six. Told them all about you and us.
Dan Quill, Denver Chesnutt, W. A. Teas and several other mutual friends drove down to see me. Tuesday I visited Denver in Kenedy. Talked to the Rotary Club at noon on the work Washington is doing. Met many new faces and did some work until almost five. Didn’t get home until late and was out bright and early this morning.
When I got to the Hotel I learned Mr. Hirshberg and Roy Miller were calling me. Both wanted to know why I was in Texas and Mr. Miller said he was hurt because I didn’t bring you to the hotel Monday afternoon. He
said Mrs. Miller had told him we looked suspicious at the Home Sco. Lunch.
Sam and Denver insist that we take plenty of time and go to Mexico City. They think we can arrange for transportation etc.
May I have your ideas?
Tell me if we will need tickets for the Texas – A & M game.
Welly said he would be in Austin with us Thanksgiving but I didn’t tell him that it would happen that day.
I’m sure you know how kindly I must feel about Mr. King and F. D.

Things here are very, very bad. I plan to go to Austin next week. Would you prefer to meet me in Houston instead?
In the hope you will be at home expecting a letter I’ve penned these four pages. More will follow when I’m fully rested--
Lyndon Baines
Honey--call me Friday or Saturday--

[Envelope postmarked: Corpus Christi, Tex., 11/7/1934, 9:30 PM and Karnack, Tx, 11/9/1934, 1 PM] [ Addressed to: Miss Bird Taylor Karnack, Texas, 718 Fairview Ave, Montgomery, Ala, c/o Mrs. J. C. Fischesser]