Watson, William Marvin, 1924



Watson, William Marvin, 1924


Bio: Marvin Watson was born in Oakhurst, Texas, on June 6, 1924. He graduated from Huntsville High School (1941) and Baylor University, (B.B.A. - 1949; M.A. - 1950). His college education was interrupted for service with the Marine Corps during World War II. After graduation until 1954, Mr. Watson held the following positions in Daingerfield, Texas: Chamber of Commerce manager, City Secretary, and City Judge. In 1955, he was employed by the Red River Valley Association in Shreveport, Louisiana. From 1955 until 1965, Mr. Watson was Executive Assistant to E.B. Germany at Lone Star Steel Company in Dallas, Texas. Watson's involvement in Texas politics included being named a member of the Texas State Democratic Committee in 1958. Later, in 1960, he established one of the first Johnson-for-President clubs in Texas. At the 1964 Democratic Convention, Johnson asked Watson to serve as his convention coordinator. On January 4, 1965, President Johnson appointed Mr. Watson as a Special Assistant to the President, to serve in the following capacities: Presidential Appointments Secretary office manager, White House liaison with the DNC and various state and local political groups. After Bill Moyers' resignation in December of 1966, Watson took over many of Moyers' duties as White House Chief of Staff. On April 11, 1968, President Johnson appointed Mr. Watson Postmaster General, a job held until January 22, 1969. From 1969 until 1976, Mr. Watson served in various positions with the Occidental Petroleum Corporation, his last title being Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs. In April of 1976, Mr. Watsonresigned from Occidental. He was the president of Dallas Baptist University from 1979 to 1987.


President Lyndon B. Johnson reads wire service ticker and talks on phone as Marvin Watson holds phone console. Oval Office, White House, Washington DC, 5/4/1965. Photo # a397-6 by Yoichi Okamoto. White House Photo Office collection, LBJ Presidential Library. Public domain.


LBJ Connection: Special Assistant to the President, 1965-1966; White House Chief of Staff, 1967-1968; Appointments secretary, political adviser, liaison with Democratic National Committee and others. Postmaster General, 1968-1969.