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Notecard, Lyndon B. Johnson to Lady Bird Johnson, 2/14/1964

Valentine note "Bird: Claudia et al - To keep you out of mischief while I am gone and to again assure you of all my love-always Baby Boy"

Notecard, Lyndon B. Johnson to Lady Bird Johnson, 3/19/1964

Original of note on the occasion of birth of Lynda 20 years ago

Note, Juanita Roberts to Lady Bird Johnson, 12/6/1963

Travel plans for funeral of Herbert Lehman

Memo, Lucy Ferguson to Dorothy Territo, 2/24/1964

Valentine gift given to Lady Bird Johnson from Lyndon B. Johnson

Telegram, Lyndon B. Johnson to Lady Bird Johnson, 4/21/1966

On occasion of receiving Peabody Award

Note, Lynne to Dorothy, 1965

Birthday gifts from Lady Bird Johnson and daughters to Lyndon B. Johnson

Envelope with note, A. to Dorothy, 1964

Re: enclosed envelope that was used for Mrs. Johnson's 1964 birthday present

Note, Lady Bird Johnson to Lyndon B. Johnson, 3/5/1965

LBJ handwritten notes about missing planes in Vietnam, also handwritten encouraging note from Lady Bird to LBJ