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  • on Labor-Management Policy - 12/1/64 [Opened 11/14/88] Drafts and Speeches - 1964-1965: Lady Bird Special Drafts and Speeches - 1964-1965: Land Grant Colleges & State Universities 7/28/64 [Opened 1/72] Drafts and Speeches - 1964-1965: The Land We Love
  • , at the War Memorial Building in Nashville, Tennessee, upon the arrival of the "Lady Bird Special" in New Orleans, and at a fundraising dinner in New Orleans. 26 Saturday, October 10, 1964 Two pages of economic information about Arkansas extracted from
  • during their years of service on Lyndon B. Johnson's staff. These two staff members had responsibility for much of the paperwork associated with Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson's personal finances, investments, and banking transactions; the Johnson's real
  • , a schedule for the “Lady Bird Special,” and clippings. June and September–November 1964. 4 N.C. Governor’s Race Clippings from the campaign and memoranda on campaign issues and strategy. November 1963–April 1964. 4 N.C. Judgeships [open 6/13/75, folder