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  • in Ohio due to health. Also talked to W. Jenkins re: Ohio-Beaumont trip. Greeted Texas Home Demonstrators group - 40 ladies from all parts of Texas invited by Mrs. Johnson to LBJ Ranch for luncheon. On school bus tour of LBJ Ranch w/ Mrs. Johnson and group
  • :.__.filxU-0896 Res: ,6'6J-l,' Meac:f9w. Rif,· IJ~ilas : ARIA _ .. EM 1-0156 - ·.-· -- · ... ··- -- - -- ---.___...... _ __ __ 1; - .. RI 8-4736 "Capt ~ Horace Y~ · (Dick) ': · ~Q~~I::-_! l_i6- .. . - BIRD
  • VPres. and Judge Moursund depart LBJ Ranch for cattle auction near Johnson City. 4 4:30 PM VPres, and Judge Moursund arrive at Heywood Ranch and joined by Mrs. Johnson, Lynda Bird, Liz Carpenter, Yolanda Boozer, George Reedy, Chief Rowley, Stu Knight
  • Bank, Johnson City 10:00a 10:15a 10:30a 10:45a 11:00a 11:15a 11:30a 11:45a 12:00n 12:15p 12:30p 12:45p 1:00p 1:15p 1:30p 1:45p 2:00p 2:15p 2:30p 2:45p / f Mary Johnson Wash., D.C. Worked in office Lunch: Frank Muto, Mr. Valeo, Dorothy, Bird and Sen
  • , Puerto Pirn Date. Wednesda y July 2 5 , 196 2 Activity (includ e visited by)* LD Breakfast i n Suite 104 1 - Mrs. J , Lynd a Bird , CK , MF To Governor' s Beac h - El Dorado - Mrs. J . , Lynd a Bird , CK , Li z Carpenter , Horace Busby , Col
  • :40a 2 12:00n 3 4 5 6 7 8 1:00p 1:30p 1:45p 2:45p 3:15p 3:30p 9 7:10p 7:30p 8:00p 10 11 San Leave Naval Air Station, San Juan via helicopter - Mrs. J. , CK, Lynda Bird, Sen. Neuberger, Bill Moyer, Horace Busby, George Reedy, MF , Rufus Youngblood
  • . Met Mrs. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Kellam there. Lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Kellam, Mrs. Johnson, MMV, MF, Lynda Bird, Doctors Hurst and Lamb. Nap To Haywood with MMV, Lynda Bird, Dr. Lamb, MF, Mrs. Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Kellam Arrive Haywood Boating Boat
  • April 15, 1961 Expenditure Code To Norfolk, Va -- see travel activity civic luncheon for LBJ Coronation ceremonies at Azalea Gardens; LBJ crowned Lynda Bird Azalea Queen Azalea Dinner To Washington, DC (Anacostia) see travel activity * Selected names
  • April 26, 1961 visited by)* LD Expenditure Code Dick Berlin and Ed Weisl in hotel suite (among other things discussed Gen. MacArthur haircut in Waldorf barbershop (see letter fr. Mr. Berlin dtd Apr. 27, 1961) hamburgers in suite with Reedy, Dick Bird
  • party plus Mrs. Kellam and Mrs. Deathe, arriving at 1:55 Memorial Stadium - Texas-TCU football game -- Lynda Bird joins for watching game To Ragsdale w/ all of above, except Lynda Bird, arriving at 4:20 pm To LBJ Ranch, arriving at 5:10, immediately