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  • STATES AMBASSADOR TO POLAND (At The LBJ Ranch) (l.1:13 AM CST) General Gronouski, members of the family, ladies and gentlemen: Mrs. Johnson and I deeply regret our lack of influence on the weather, but we are happy that we could be here together even
  • AT THE PENTAGON (12:26 P.M. EST) Secretary Mc Namara, Secretary Nitze, General Wheeler, Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Armed Services, Ladies and Gentlemen: don't have a speech to make here today. I just thought that I would come over and join
  • was the greate1, Lady Bird and I sat down to eat a meal alone . No wor
  • ARST, Mr. & Mrs. William Randolph, Jr. ~OWLAND, Dr. Richard H. ~MPHREY, The Vice President and Mrs. ~HNS:ON, Miss Lynda Bird ~NTNER, Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. / LASKER, Mrs. Albert D. ~AWRENCE, Mr. William ~ /1'U? / LEFEVE, Mr. David ~ANN