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  • , at one rally, was hit with bird .shot from a shotgun qy Negroes. He stated the Klan returned thi s fire but pointed out they can not win the fight with violence agai.nst t he Negroes o ¬∑ RH T-13, on June 6, 1967, reported that a Kla n parade was held June
  • leaped. The flames merely singed its f~athers. A gangling six-foot youth attempted to leap upon the chicken. quick for him. The bird was too As it darted out of his way, he slipped and tumbled against a tree. The stark unwitting comedy broke
  • and a few birds. When the members of the unit spot a target-possibly an old can set on a stick, an old car door, a discarded refriger¬≠ ator-they open fire. Half the trash along the road is torn apart by bullets. Some of the trees along the road are chewed
  • chicken. The bird ~ v ~ n-k\... nu-4..j,Hj,,_ c JI Iii 6 b ie z t.wd J ~8~~~~) out of his way, -..7 s1ippcd) and tumbled ag a inst a tree. 8 ~e_(\~ ¬∑ .The stark comedy broke the tension. People laughed. Soon some began to drift ho me. A short time