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  • \) Lady · Bird FAMILY/JOHNSON, LADY BIRD . Material on Mrs-. Johrison, · including her social and official appearances , · activities, speeches, and travels as First Lady; books written abou·t Lady Bird; her role in· the ·1964 campaign
  • of Campaign Trips below.) TR 1/JOHNSON, MRS. Material on Mrs. Johnson's 1964 campaign trips, especially the "Lady Bird Special" whistle stop train tour (October 6-9, 1964), including: arrangements, schedules, and press coverage. TR 1/ST # - #51 1964
  • , such as screwworm, scrapie, grass-hoppers, brucellosis, cotton insects, dutch elm disease, rabies, mosquitoes, etc.; control of animal pests, such as birds and rats; U. S. and Mexico screwworm eradication program; Rat Extermination legislation; Federal coordination