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  • ite•s tor aLady Bird Speciala tour. ~~--~~ ADVABCE ~ Pennants v/cane 3M "Reilo Lady Bird" 3M nwelcome Lady Bird" 9.Lady Bird SJecial" • (~••• Art_ • . 3M ~~ ~1 LucU 3 M (51 I> •~fl ~••·•·•$4,200.00 ,. 2 sizes "Lady Bird Special
  • Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
  • on L..,. Bird ud rafW■ for Lady $U66, 00 • Potemac Photo Supply. Inc. - cbaS'I• for 1000 prlld• of colored plloto ■ ent ta all worlt•r•• 1ue•ta• laen••••••advance mea, etc. ,2266. 00 • Potamac Pko&o Supply, Ille. - chal'I• for 1000 addltional pdau
  • Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
  • minute Congressman Boggs presents l minute Senator EI"V'inpresents 4 minutes Mrs. Johnson and Lynda 2 minutes Presentations Senator Ervin Mrs. Johnson RALEIGH PROGRAM TUESDAY, FOR "LADY BIRD SPECIAL" OCTOBER 9, 1964 P. M. 6:30 7:30 Band
  • Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
  • ,en~.., If the President's daughter should ever have the idea of inviting some yowig ladies to the White House, could I suggests Miss Ellen Mc Cloy, 79 East 79 Street, NewYork, daughter of John J. Mc Cloy; Miss Judy Davies, care Paul Davies
  • States Dele­ gation to the recent meeting here of the Mexico United States Interparliamentary Group, we have been hearing some very complimentary reports on the tea which you had at your home on May 16 for the ladies in the two delegations! We want you
  • Robb, Lynda Bird, 1944-
  • ] February 26, 1968 MEMOltANDU l FOR MILDRED STEGALL From.: Carol Carlyle The tollowln, young ladi•• are moditl• who wi.U be doina the fa•hion •ho on Tbu•t·d ay. We would like to have them come in on Wednesday, ao eowd •• have your okaya u aooa aa poa•ible
  • to atten our Banquet on Saturday, October 10th. I shall If the Democratic Tio~en can be sincerely appreciate your assistance in this behalf. honored by the appearance of our President and First Lady at a. convention supported by the Democratic Women's Club
  • Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
  • /~ \J1/ (~"= ,~ ti.-,,...-.R. 1964 ) ~ I have now received some material from three of the railroads over which "The Lady Bird Special" wil\ operate, and it is enclosed. { ~ ~~ /ink you will find the material from stV1_ / , ~Sout~e~n Railway
  • Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007