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  • for the numerous senators nding their temples in fury because i Family group: Lucy Baines, aged 3, sits at the senator's feet; Lynda Bird, now 6, is with her mother, Claudia. Her husband and her friends call Mrs. Johmon "Lady Bird" PHOTOGRAPHS FOR COLLIER'S 11Y
  • Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
  • yestor­ dq afternoon with her and bas a dinner .d ate 'With her and some oth r ladT tonight S&)"I, that Lady' Bird doesn't. want yen to run because aha doesn•t think .'f'r.N. aan 1d.n. ill this • ~ Wirta to me. About a month ago Lady was engaged
  • of emoting. Pure and significant extroversion will occur as pain­ lessly as a lady salmon produces a few thousand eggs for t he emotion of the male salmon to observe. The emoting of the lady salmon as a oycle of what is does not have a personal contact
  • youth, nnd kindling her undnzzlod eyes rtt the full :niddny beam; purging and unsee.ling hor long-n.busod sight at tho fount'lin itself of henvenly radinnce; while the whol o noise of timorous and flocking birds, with thos e also thot love the twilight
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  • ,.mes P. Baxter, Ill Edgar D . Bell James Washington Bell George C. Bcllin_gratb Rollcn R . Bcocd,ct Clar, nce A. Berdahl Irving Berlin Harry Best Charles E. Bcury Mrs. Frank H. Bigelow John B. Bigelow Remsen Duboi• Bird Mrs. Karl Bishopr!c Mrs. Emmons