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  • Bank, Johnson City 10:00a 10:15a 10:30a 10:45a 11:00a 11:15a 11:30a 11:45a 12:00n 12:15p 12:30p 12:45p 1:00p 1:15p 1:30p 1:45p 2:00p 2:15p 2:30p 2:45p / f Mary Johnson Wash., D.C. Worked in office Lunch: Frank Muto, Mr. Valeo, Dorothy, Bird and Sen
  • :00a 10:15a 10:30a 10:45a Dave, Harry, KWFT News Wichita Falls on 1760 F Cong Thornberry, Wash Marvin Callie and Jim Bird (Houston) Art and Bruce Kowert F Ben Wooten (Dallas) re: for Johnsons Dec. 31 prior to Cotton Bowl Game Woody, Austin 11:30a 11