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  • STATES AMBASSADOR TO POLAND (At The LBJ Ranch) (l.1:13 AM CST) General Gronouski, members of the family, ladies and gentlemen: Mrs. Johnson and I deeply regret our lack of influence on the weather, but we are happy that we could be here together even
  • AT THE PENTAGON (12:26 P.M. EST) Secretary Mc Namara, Secretary Nitze, General Wheeler, Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Armed Services, Ladies and Gentlemen: don't have a speech to make here today. I just thought that I would come over and join
  • ~. ,) .. ''·.... ~ - 4 ­ EYES ONLY FOR THE PRESIDENT .·3:·iif:D Pwbli,GllifiA Pc•q1,1~s faerrni11ieA ei Cep7 right Hq&dtr; W Thomas lohnaon The President: It's hard to sell a house at my price of $40, 000 if Lady Bird tells the buyer at the door that she would sell
  • was the greate1, Lady Bird and I sat down to eat a meal alone . No wor
  • .. . . . . . . . . ... . ....... ~i: A ,--&\ .....,.-.,. •YA.-~..-~ ' """~~~-.·~ ? ,, ~- ..v~~~ ' CLH:&l DAY ..LETTER November 14, 1964 EXECUTIVE pp 2-2 Your thoughtful letter meant a great deal to 1119 and Lady Bird joins with me in thanking you and sending our best wishes
  • on to Princess Irene the message that Lynda Bird Johnson would be delighted to see her. I understand from Mme . Karolou, the Lady-in-Waiting· responsible for her arrangements, that Princess Irene is very pleased at the prospect. Since the Greek Embassy
  • . Helie, Jr. , of lotiisiana, and his daughter Miss Lynda Bird Johnson to be his personal representatives at the wedding of His Majesty King Constantine of Greece and Princess Anne­ lVIarie of Denmark. Ambassador and Mrs. Angie.r Biddle Duke, Chief
  • of spectacular value to many slum children. I'll n~ver . forget Lady Bird's . reaction after she had visited her first Head Start class. She said, "This is the finest thing we have done. They are taking some of the most deprived children in the la.nd