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  • Orace: r , • 1,. ~ I • I • .,. I "II - L• r Sincerely yours, Lyndon B. Johnson I ~- '. · · Everything seemed to go na1 well ; and I waa pleased to be included ln the Dinner plans • .,J.., '. It was most enjoyable for Lady Bird
  • of I do hope you w111 keep 1n ·touch with Lady Bird• take her to lunch with yru onoo in a wile . and give hor the benefit or your idens and suggestions on e.eyth1ng you ,_think she shou ld do. God blesa both ot you. Love. Lyndon Mr. Roy Miller
  • Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
  • -A ....... August 25, 1961 Dear Sa.reh: Lady Bird and I do not need the calendar to remind us that this is the end of Auguot and a yee.:r from the time we vere embarking on the great adventure of' our lives -- the campaign for the Democratic ticket. We cannot
  • as you have on many occasions proven to us. It was kind of you and Lady Bird to offer the facilities of your lovely home for entertainment of the distinguished visitors, so many honored guests and many of us fran this area, for which we thank you. May I
  • as a Senator to xou who elect · and my energy to our state ' -ll- I will vote - and m.y he.::..rt, l will .•. and to our n, ..tiou. Ladies and Gentleman. which are as f'oNign under conditions I(m grateful me. Many tim,s ia nothing nece ■ 1ary
  • something for them. If he is not there then maybe Lady Bird could have them to lunch or show them some 'attention. I think if they could Just pat him on the back and be nl~eto them it might pay off. • January21, 1960 TELEPHONE CONVBRSATICN BETWEEN WARREN
  • of the fine folk here and they ask me to tell you that we are with you HOLDING UP YOUR HANDS.Stay right in there,know we are standing with you. Annie and I heard your message last night,it hit the mark. We think so much of you and Lady Bird. Please bear
  • corps of helpers can com:e·:-to terms on · a "Treaty To End World War 11~ With apolo&Y for this wordy statement, and with best of good wishes~or you and the Lady Bird and Charming Texas Daughters, --rr--it-j!iL-Your friends, Selma [2 of 2 front] [2
  • General .Birkhead to General Walker that Birkhead \YOUld like to see tom., Jr. go to Officers Candidate School . Blaylock thought this would turn the trick, and if not he said he .•would try to think up somethi .ng else . Col. Ainsworth called Bird
  • of birds, which have evolved differ· ently on different islands. The memorial's directors do not plan their own scientific staff: They want to provide funds and facilities for scientists working on their own projects or a uni· versity program. Backing has
  • would like to promote a war between East and West Germany--if they could manage to localize it--thus killing two birds with one stone. Maybe this is far fetched. The paramount consideration is, I believe, the fear that they have of a rearmed West Germany