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  • ~. ,) .. ''·.... ~ - 4 ­ EYES ONLY FOR THE PRESIDENT .·3:·iif:D Pwbli,GllifiA Pc•q1,1~s faerrni11ieA ei Cep7 right Hq&dtr; W Thomas lohnaon The President: It's hard to sell a house at my price of $40, 000 if Lady Bird tells the buyer at the door that she would sell
  • and his people, too. SECRETARY RUSK: It was Thieu who insisted that•here not be a mention of NLF in the joint statement. They want to treat the NLF as non-existent. The first of the meetings will be for the birds. We have debacles. of Debacles. That's why
  • . T hey see a comn1itment of Korean troops as killing several birds : not only helps t heir ally and fights their enemy i n another place, but it c ould stirnulate their economy greatly if they could play a role silnilar to J apan i n the Korean
  • of the American people. If we keep up the pressure on them, gradually the will of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese will wear down," Clifford concluded. · At 1:45 p. m. Lynda Bird brought Patrick Lyndon Nugent in to the President. Lyn stayed