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  • of I do hope you w111 keep 1n ·touch with Lady Bird• take her to lunch with yru onoo in a wile . and give hor the benefit or your idens and suggestions on e.eyth1ng you ,_think she shou ld do. God blesa both ot you. Love. Lyndon Mr. Roy Miller
  • Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
  • yestor­ dq afternoon with her and bas a dinner .d ate 'With her and some oth r ladT tonight S&)"I, that Lady' Bird doesn't. want yen to run because aha doesn•t think .'f'r.N. aan 1d.n. ill this • ~ Wirta to me. About a month ago Lady was engaged
  • General .Birkhead to General Walker that Birkhead \YOUld like to see tom., Jr. go to Officers Candidate School . Blaylock thought this would turn the trick, and if not he said he .•would try to think up somethi .ng else . Col. Ainsworth called Bird