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  • . And second, let her have it. That philosophy has worked very well for me -- and, I might add, for Lady Bird, too. Very seriously, "f1IY marriage has been like that described by Charlotte Bronte. "Alfred and I," she wrote, "intended to be married in this way
  • Actor, Beverly Hilla, Calllornia Mr. It Mrs. Ralph Harris Reuters News Agency,, Waaldngtoa, D~. C:. 1 Lady Jackson Author arbara Ward Miaa Luci Baines Johnson Daughter of the President Miaa Lynda 'Bird Johnson Daughter of the President Mr. &t Mr
  • country is our good fortune in having a true lady Lady Bird. Sincerely yours, ""'~- _,t. • \ '-"- • , \/'•'""' 'l, .., 1..- ( '-h ' , VJ . :J.- .,,/ l{ , ;J_, ..~ \.'•-6; / C: ~'1 ) .\ .,L . .,..,, ~(:,;.,4'
  • On Forecasts I First Lady Deficit (~ut All Pov erty Glad Snyder Worried About Tenants Negro Gets 1 op Post In Church 1 Auoci•t•d ~reu \ Auociated Pre11 By FRANCES LEWINE of Louisville and Dave Martin of Nebraska who visited her property and returned
  • Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
  • his recent election victory. Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson conferred with the Secretary on the role she might play as First Lady to strengthen the cause of conservation -- a cause close to her heart. From their visit evolved a plan of paying tribute
  • Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
  • THE FIRST LADY ! 2 I ! MRS. JOHNSON: i I · 4 ! sI Welcome everybody! It is _Such a joy to have you here~ I wanted you I 0 to come and see what two years have done.. Everyone 0£ you w > c:: IJJ 6 here has added something special to this 7
  • Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
  • STATES AMBASSADOR TO POLAND (At The LBJ Ranch) (l.1:13 AM CST) General Gronouski, members of the family, ladies and gentlemen: Mrs. Johnson and I deeply regret our lack of influence on the weather, but we are happy that we could be here together even
  • Orace: r , • 1,. ~ I • I • .,. I "II - L• r Sincerely yours, Lyndon B. Johnson I ~- '. · · Everything seemed to go na1 well ; and I waa pleased to be included ln the Dinner plans • .,J.., '. It was most enjoyable for Lady Bird
  • of I do hope you w111 keep 1n ·touch with Lady Bird• take her to lunch with yru onoo in a wile . and give hor the benefit or your idens and suggestions on e.eyth1ng you ,_think she shou ld do. God blesa both ot you. Love. Lyndon Mr. Roy Miller
  • Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
  • ] February 26, 1968 MEMOltANDU l FOR MILDRED STEGALL From.: Carol Carlyle The tollowln, young ladi•• are moditl• who wi.U be doina the fa•hion •ho on Tbu•t·d ay. We would like to have them come in on Wednesday, ao eowd •• have your okaya u aooa aa poa•ible
  • amt dear are aorry to bear or-fodloaa. You have our deepest and aympathy. Lady Bird and Lyadon. B. Johnson LBJ':MJDR:mf ~ICUTIV~ Pf/- l Fc.,11-ri-l 1.,-ellR ,-,-tJ 1 . /' i o RoT11y -;JI"~• ~-:c& . ~~--2 g · . .. -; , / ..v,,,,JJ:i
  • AT THE PENTAGON (12:26 P.M. EST) Secretary Mc Namara, Secretary Nitze, General Wheeler, Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Armed Services, Ladies and Gentlemen: don't have a speech to make here today. I just thought that I would come over and join
  • -A ....... August 25, 1961 Dear Sa.reh: Lady Bird and I do not need the calendar to remind us that this is the end of Auguot and a yee.:r from the time we vere embarking on the great adventure of' our lives -- the campaign for the Democratic ticket. We cannot
  • ~. ,) .. ''·.... ~ - 4 ­ EYES ONLY FOR THE PRESIDENT .·3:·iif:D Pwbli,GllifiA Pc•q1,1~s faerrni11ieA ei Cep7 right Hq&dtr; W Thomas lohnaon The President: It's hard to sell a house at my price of $40, 000 if Lady Bird tells the buyer at the door that she would sell
  • as you have on many occasions proven to us. It was kind of you and Lady Bird to offer the facilities of your lovely home for entertainment of the distinguished visitors, so many honored guests and many of us fran this area, for which we thank you. May I
  • :00 P~ .., M. . ,.. THURSDAY, JANUA~Y ]4i_J967 . ~~ ....· Office of the Press Secreta.a. y to Mrs. Johnson .,., MEETING OF THE FIRST LADY 1S COMMITTEE FOR A MORE BEAUTIFUL CAPITAL "Washington is richly endowed with open spaces, compared
  • Johnson, Lady Bird, 1912-2007
  • was the greate1, Lady Bird and I sat down to eat a meal alone . No wor
  • .. . . . . . . . . ... . ....... ~i: A ,--&\ .....,.-.,. •YA.-~..-~ ' """~~~-.·~ ? ,, ~- ..v~~~ ' CLH:&l DAY ..LETTER November 14, 1964 EXECUTIVE pp 2-2 Your thoughtful letter meant a great deal to 1119 and Lady Bird joins with me in thanking you and sending our best wishes
  • and if he did and were reelected he didn't know whether he could spare me, but that this was sanething that he had been of thinking about and that he and Lady Bird had talked about it an
  • on to Princess Irene the message that Lynda Bird Johnson would be delighted to see her. I understand from Mme . Karolou, the Lady-in-Waiting· responsible for her arrangements, that Princess Irene is very pleased at the prospect. Since the Greek Embassy
  • as a Senator to xou who elect · and my energy to our state ' -ll- I will vote - and m.y he.::..rt, l will .•. and to our n, ..tiou. Ladies and Gentleman. which are as f'oNign under conditions I(m grateful me. Many tim,s ia nothing nece ■ 1ary
  • something for them. If he is not there then maybe Lady Bird could have them to lunch or show them some 'attention. I think if they could Just pat him on the back and be nl~eto them it might pay off. • January21, 1960 TELEPHONE CONVBRSATICN BETWEEN WARREN
  • . Helie, Jr. , of lotiisiana, and his daughter Miss Lynda Bird Johnson to be his personal representatives at the wedding of His Majesty King Constantine of Greece and Princess Anne­ lVIarie of Denmark. Ambassador and Mrs. Angie.r Biddle Duke, Chief
  • of the burdens that will retard the full restoration of your strength if you attempt to do them all yours elf. With warm personal regards and best wishes to you and Lady Bird, in which Theiline joins me. President Lyndon B. White House Washington, D. C. bb [5
  • , at one rally, was hit with bird .shot from a shotgun qy Negroes. He stated the Klan returned thi s fire but pointed out they can not win the fight with violence agai.nst t he Negroes o · RH T-13, on June 6, 1967, reported that a Kla n parade was held June
  • agony o.uly you r4ttally understand. ·. - ' Let this letter carry with it the respect and affection of Lady Bird ;uid me to you and Mrs. Eisenhower. LBJ:JV:ny .::J ... "' ~..;..-~ ···~ ~ a\. . .. ......-. ....J... '• ·. 'RECEIVED MAR?.8
  • in a few minutes with the Japanese ladies. was .there. The Ambassador The Governors came, including Bob McNair from South Carolina. Scriptures were read, the Memorial sermon was preached, I think, by a Catholic. He used one of Martin Luther King's
  • of the fine folk here and they ask me to tell you that we are with you HOLDING UP YOUR HANDS.Stay right in there,know we are standing with you. Annie and I heard your message last night,it hit the mark. We think so much of you and Lady Bird. Please bear
  • of spectacular value to many slum children. I'll n~ver . forget Lady Bird's . reaction after she had visited her first Head Start class. She said, "This is the finest thing we have done. They are taking some of the most deprived children in the la.nd
  • corps of helpers can com:e·:-to terms on · a "Treaty To End World War 11~ With apolo&Y for this wordy statement, and with best of good wishes~or you and the Lady Bird and Charming Texas Daughters, --rr--it-j!iL-Your friends, Selma [2 of 2 front] [2