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  • Califano -- XII -- 14 out to him these stacks of old autos in these auto junk yards and how they had to be removed, buried, taken somewhere, and also the devastation of billboards. Lady Bird had really gotten through to him on that, and we spent a lot
  • /exhibits/show/loh/oh Califano -- XXXIII -- 2 G: The Outdoor Advertisers Association? Phil Tocker and . . . C: Well, I don't remember the people anymore, but they were very effective. But he wanted that bill, and he wanted that for Lady Bird
  • Steno Pads Steno Pads General Johnson, Lady Bird - Oral History Johnson, Lady Bird - Papers and Chronology Johnson, Lyndon B. - Book Johnson, Lyndon B. - Book Excerpts Johnson, Lyndon B. - Robert Caro Book Johnson, Lyndon B. - Death and Funeral Johnson
  • the kind of pressure we were under and the hours we were keeping that if he gave me any inkling of what he'd do on Taft-Hartley, I'd tell somebody. It was the old Johnson theory. We used to say on the staff, "LBJ doesn't trust anyone except Lady Bird
  • into an urban area, you notice in Daly's letter he said, "I wish Lady Bird would get more involved in urban beautification." You know, the east was more urban, Chicago. South was still more concerned about racial issues. Water, natural resources. But in issues
  • may be wrong about that, but I believe that he virtually quit drinking. I can remember the doctor or Lady Bird or people even encouraging him to have a couple of drinks at night to relax, but he rarely did it. LBJ Presidential Library http
  • wanted to do, go down and see Lady Bird for Labor Day. He left and we had to do some work over that weekend with Abel's executive board. He had a batch of negotiators down there but we had to make damn sure that everybody would stand behind him
  • : Anything else on the budget discussions that is memorable? C: The only thing I remember [inaudible]-- G: Then you had lunch. C: I just don't remember the lunch. I see it. I had lunch with the President. Was Lady Bird there? G: Yes, Mrs. Johnson. C
  • know we used to say the only person LBJ trusts is Lady Bird and her only 90 per cent of the time. But I think in that context
  • . We had passed highway beautification the year before but Lady Bird was bananas about junk autos. And you know you'd see all those automobiles piled on the side of the road and he wanted us to figure out some way to get us into the business of how you
  • as well in that regard? C: Well, you know I used to say, I don't think he trusted anyone except Lady Bird and her only 90 per cent of the time. But I think, sure, he would not trust a guy like J. Edgar Hoover, just instinctively wouldn't trust him. He'd