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  • gotten them. These were others, last-minute things. Anyhow, Lyndon started out the conversation something like this. "Well, here it is, boys. I have twenty-five thousand dollars that's been promised me for this campaign, and Lady Bird and I will put
  • job. Now, that's awful embarrassing to Charlie to think that he's being fired because he d idn' t do a good job. II Homer bit for it. Lyndon met us at the airport, picked us up. Lady Bird hadn't gotten to Washington, so we all went to Lyndon's
  • apartment there at--oh, I think it was Kalorama Road was what it was. Lady Bird had one and he had one. Lyndon. And his car. He had two cars; So we went down. So here comes Gene Latimer, one of the boys, I got him a job with the Federal Housing
  • that. Bird ran that, and Mary Rather. All right. Lady Now, Jim Forrestal was under secretary of the navy and [Frank] Knox was secretary of the navy. You know, he was a Republican from Chicago. And Roosevelt had made [Henry] Stimson, a Republican
  • to it that I know it." I'm not saying she did it or who did, but someone did. So Sunday night Lady Bird called me and said, "Sam Houston, Lyndon and I want you to come and be here and stay with us. II I sai d, "Oh, Bird, that's awful thoughtful and I
  • the country. a story can. You see what I mean? And then here is the A picture can tell more than You can write what you want to. Now, if you ' 11 move over here a minute. [Looking at photo in his book], "Teenager Lynda, Lady Bird, Lyndon, and Mother
  • speech that he made on the air or not, on radio-G: I think we do. J: --but you have it up there anyhow. Now, Lady Bird came by the house and told me that Lyndon wanted me in Washington, so I went up there shortly after the election in November
  • apartment at the Cliff Towers Apartments, you know, didn't tell a soul. So Lady Bird kept coming out to Mama, you know. staying at my mother's, being single then. are your plans?" insurance." "I really don't know. Uh huh. "Well, Sam Houston, what I am
  • McKenzie gave a big party out at the Shoreham [HotelJ in which he, of course, invited me and my sister and my date and Lyndon and Lady Bird--they hadn't been up there but just a few months--and Senator Welly Hopkins, who was working in Washington
  • heard that. J: I know you haven't. There's a hell of a lot that Lady Bird never heard, or Lyndon never--and I'm not making it up, because I used to sit for hours with Lyndon, talking about it. But it's a fact. You can go check when he finally