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  • are a public I think it is cruel, inhuman, unkind, and I think Jackie Kennedy has been extremely inhumane in the way she has treated Lady Bird and the Johnsons because of the fact that her husband was there. had to go. Nobody put a pistol to his head
  • for all of the blessings that he had, like Lady Bird and his children and his mother and Walter and, you know, the people that he--I think he was thinking how lucky he was, but he would certainly never indicate to anybody around him that this was it, he's
  • wore that brace. He was a crybaby. He did not sick well, if you understand what I mean. If he was feeling bad or had a cold or had pain, everybody in town knew it from Lady Bird to his help to all of his staff. G: During that time that he
  • were coming back from We had been to a cocktail party, and we were in terrible distress--is the best word I know to use--to go to the bathroom. There was Lady Bird and Dorothy, my wife, in the car with us, and he just stopped the car out
  • and the newspapers. So Lady Bird and Johnson, any time one of them came to town, they were treated like royalty. So they sort of denutted poor old Shivers because they took away his strength. I mean, if Shivers doesn't have the support of the Fort Worth paper
  • him talking to Senator Russell and Senator Kerr about Lady Bird had spent some of her money buying a ranch. that particular time I had ever been to Texas. was his love. I don't think at This was his hobby, this This did more for him mentally than