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  • and visited. His Uncle George Johnson lived there. We were out to dinner with Lyndon and Lady Bird and Uncle George and one or two other of our friends, and I got to know her that way. The interesting thing I thought was after they were married and had
  • hotel up on East 10th Street. But later on when he moved into Dr. Bob Montgomery's house it had two bathrooms, several bedrooms, and he and Lady Bird didn't need all of that space. So L. E. Jones and I, being bachelors, moved over there and lived
  • it was called secretary--same job. F: Did you ever see the secretary or administrative assistant in Washington during that period? D: Yes, I made one trip up here and visited with him; stayed, of course, in the little apartment that he and Lady Bird lived
  • African-Americans and the poor; "make work" projects; roadside parks; 1937 campaign; Uncle George; 1941 and 1948 campaigns; LBJ as Deason's best man; Hardy Hollers campaign in 1946; Lady Bird's business interest in her radio station, KVET; application
  • . don't recall. G: I just Maybe Lady Bird drove him part of the time. Was there a campaign theme like "Youth and Progress," something of that sort? D: I do not recall that there was a campaign slogan like "Youth and Progress." Maybe there was. G
  • when he was riding high he confided to me that he had already--he and Lady Bird had discussed it and that he would not run at the end of that term. So I put that in for the record as a fact of what he told me. Now, let's-G: Did you question him about
  • there was a very close, personal friendship between them, and still now between Mrs. Wirtz and her daughter, Ida May, and Lady Bird. G: What was Senator Wirtz like? How would you describe him to someone who never met him? D: I would say he was a little larger
  • . But I brought her back to Austin right after World War II to what had been my home for seven or eight years and went to work in the radio business as a salesman for KTBC, Lyndon and Lady Bird's station. B: Did your wife have a hard time adjusting