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  • of the atomic bomb weren't nearly as well kept. I doubt if even Lady Bird could have given you a good guess. I had an idea that he might go for somebody like Gene McCarthy, seeing that the Catholic vote had become a very important factor and that I don't think
  • Reedy -:.. X . :. .:. 28 R: About the same way he always was about KTBC~ There would be periods of tremendous activity which would last for maybe a couple of days or a week, and then he'd get tired of it and Lady Bird would step in and patch up
  • something, so Lady Bird came down and was quite gracious. She really rescued the occasion. It wasn't much, but this honor guard had pulled out there; you can't just leave them alone. Then, let's see now. G: Now, there were several days of briefings
  • shindig in Omaha, the main thing I remember about that was a marvelous speech that Lady Bird made, talking about she'd always wanted to see the state because down in Texas they produced all this beef, which was all range-fed. It was sent up to Nebraska
  • Cabot Lodge campaign; Kennedy's speech to the Houston Ministerial Alliance; JFK/LBJ campaigning in Texas; Lady Bird Johnson speaking at campaign stops; Mrs. Johnson's influence on LBJ; how dates and places get confused while campaigning; campaign fatigue
  • the graves, shaking hands. Walking over the graves. And Lynda Bird had those Lynda Bird pencils. Did you ever see them? They were just ordinary pencils except they had stuck in the top 25 LBJ Presidential Library ORAL HISTORY
  • , and as I recall, I think that he did succeed in getting--oh maybe some twenty or thereabouts placed in reasonably good jobs. Of course, Liz [Carpenter] went on as Lady Bird's press secretary, and Bess [Abell] became Lady Bird's secretary. What did he give
  • to talk about it. He wanted to get it out of his mind if he possibly could. Later, when Rayburn actually died, I remember we were in an automobile and I don't recall the circumstances, but there was Lady Bird Johnson and myself in the front seat and I
  • of that nature, we would not even turn that letter over to the agency as we would with any other letter. G: Why were those two singled out? R: Well, Federal Conmunications Commission for the obvious reason of Lady Bird's holdings in radio, KTBC. The tax
  • business. The only other difficulty there is that many of these--Dave Dubinsky and the International Ladies Garment Workers Union were also affected by these provisions even though the closed shop was not quite that important to them. But the big problem
  • : This is the morning of the March 31 speech? R: Yes, when he pulled out. She says that that morning, Lynda Bird came in to breakfast and she had a letter that had been written to her by some woman talking about her husband who was a marine, and how they'd gotten
  • to New York? Who else was on the trip? Do your notes show? G: Yes. You, [H. V.] Dick Bird, Mary Margaret [Wiley Valenti], Tazewell Shepard were there in Kansas City, and then you went to New York, and apparently Weisl was the host there, Ed Weisl. R