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  • . Worked with Ashton. Entry No. Time Activity Worked with Bess on Austrian dinner. Worked with Liz on Texas trip. 4. ! Learned that Martin Luther King had been assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. 10:20 Secretary and Mrs. Clark Clifford, Mr
  • for Atlanta, Georgia (on airplane spoke to Martin Luther King) 9:15 Arrive Atlanta. Met by Governor and Mrs. Sanders, Mayor Allen 9:30 Rode w/ Mayor Allen, Bo Jones 10:15 Arrive at Communicable Disease Center Ground Breaking Ceremony - Speech 11:30 To Dr
  • Watched Clark Clifford and General Taylor on TV. 1:00 Watched Martin Luther King on TV. 3. 1:45 Lunch - sandwiches. Took plate to the upper deck. 3:30 Nap 4. 5:14 Docked; were met by Luci, Pat, and Joe Batson. (Luci wearing green stockings.) Went
  • with about ten governors, and Martin Luther King somewhere in the middle of it. And it was good talk and a wonderful day, and I thought to myself: "Dear Lord, if he can just rest enough to think enough, it just might be wonderful." I mean, the next 13 months
  • Big breakfast with guests; everyone goes for walk and then bowling; lunch, a nap, and viewing of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on "Meet the Press; " more bowling; talk of approaching Eastman-Kodak to sponsor beautification; possible trip to Florida
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
  • :00 Leave palace with Mrs. Martin for Royal Landing, for Floating Market Tour. Saw lots and lots of little boats with mostly women and children - selling coconuts, papaya, bananas, and roast duck. Houses on stilts - many had pictures of King and Queen
  • / President, Ambassador and Mrs. Martin for official call on King and Queen 4:30 Return to mansion with Mrs. Martin (President went to Victory Monument for wreathlaying ceremony (over) Entry No. Time Activity 5:15 Prime Minister Thanom, Thanpuying
  • Airport in Lincoln Photographers caught by surprise. Only a few. 8:52 w/ Secret Service left via King Air 11:55 Arrived LBJ Ranch 3:17 w/ Knetsch to landing strip to look at wildflower seeds 4:35 Returned to main house and drove Danz property Driving car
  • house, Cedar and birthplace 10:32 Back to main house 11:25 w/ Wests to Cedar House 11:52 President joined 12:31 Left Cedar House w/ President and Wests for tour of Martin Ranch 1:05 Returned to main house 1:25 Lunch w/ President, Wests, Marie, Vicky
  • Martin Ranch. 7:37 Brief stop at the main house to pick up Luci and Helene -- to the Scharnhorst Ranch -- stopped to see Tom Mills' residence. 9:07 Returned to the main house. Dinner with same group as above. 12 midnight - 1:00 a.m. Chief King. Retired. ******