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  • from the families of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. The cards were sent in response to sympathy letters sent from the Sutton Family. • • • • Date range of collection: 1963 - 1968 Less than 1 linear inch Available
  • Watch Regiment for child care group, November 1963 [Notes, article Files-Presidential draft, research material] [2 folders] Administration-Kennedy White House social – Brigadoon – King Hassan of Morocco, March 1963 [Article drafts, research Files
  • . Johnson and William McChesney Martin Files Federal Reserve Board: And Discount Rate Boost, Nov 1964 Federal Judgeships: 1964-65 Government Workers - Problem of Getting Qualified Personnel, As Expressed by Presidents, etc. Federal Employment: Patronage
  • delivered) 25 9/26/66 U.S. Marshals' Conference Great Hall 26 9/29/66 Association of Federal Investigators 26 10/4/66 USA Orientation Group: Conference Room 26 10/5/66 Democratic Campaign Conference: per L. Martin 07/03/17 Series/Sub-series
  • . J. Brooks, Chet Calhoun, Galloway, Jr. Christie, Joe Cole, Criss Colson, Neveille H., Mrs. Connally, Wayne Creighton, Tom Crump, Louis Dies, Martin, Jr. Grover, Henry C. Hall, Ralph Hardeman, Dorsey B. Harrington, D. Roy Hazlewood, Grady Herring
  • Folder title list, Personal Papers, Papers of William McChesney Martin
  • Martin, William McChesney, Jr., 1906-1998
  • Correspondence, 1950-83, primarily re Hearings, FRB membership, mortgage market, Maisel, and King] Martin Personal: Congressional Letters Correspondence and Telephone Calls, President Johnson and Nixon Correspondence, etc. with Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy
  • Johnson, Lyndon B. - The Vantage Point Kennedys - Book Excerpts Kennedys - Early Draft Kennedys - Oral History Kennedys - Papers and Chronology Kennedys - Papers and Chronology Kennedys - Papers and Chronology Kennedys - Papers and Chronology King Martin L
  • Trust Co., Jan 1, 1937 - Jan 1, 1938 [Misc. Correspondence - Nat'l Indemnity Underwriters, 1940; Quality Mills, 1940; L.C.R.A., 1940] Lola King vs. W.C. King, Divorce 1941 Barber College [1940] University of Texas Jac L. Gubbels - Scott Yeamans