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  • accepts that. Martin went before the House today. Our area of worry is their general underlying lack of sympathy with us . Martin said he would be disturbed if Canadians thought they had been used. They may cha rge we put them in a false position
  • , Ambassador John Martin, Dominican Republic. u. s. Ambassador to Guinea . u. s. Ambassador Benson Timmons, Ambassador to the u. s. Ambassador to Haiti. Ambassador James Riddleberger, u. s . Ambassador to Austria. Ambassador Muxat Williams, El
  • some arms deal with Jordan and do so before they decide to go to the Russians. We could agree not to give them supersonics now but review the decision again if they insist. Assis tant Secretary Talbot: Our reply to Jordanian King Hussein has
  • already sold rice and cotton to Indo ­ nesia through this channel. He said we were wor king on the problem of the Hickenlooper amendment, looking to a Presidential Determination that would find aid to Indonesia in our national interest, This awaits certain
  • acres . No promises were made as to what we would do to help Indonesia. Suharto is an honest, hard- wo r king man who benefit ed from his training at Fort Leavenworth. Many ot he r Indones i an m ilitary leaders are now showing the g reat benefit
  • are improved. He appears to be broadening the support he has among military leaders and among some civilians. Although the military situation is no longer deteriorating, the Viet Cong continues to hold the uiilitary initiativ e . e . Brazil -- Colonel King
  • zed but have no interes t in the control of conventional a r ms . Our immediat e p r obl em is to gi ve King Hassan a sense of stability. Therefore , we have r ecommended a $14 million a rms sale and a new food ag reement. In this p r ocess , however
  • elsewhere . Rather it s t ems from the European unificat i on move ­ men t fed by increas ing European economic strengtho There is growing desire for a Eu r opean "voice," for achieving a parity with the United States in dec ision- ma king wh ich more
  • j udgment. As of this morning, the chances looked pretty good that the former coalition will continue in power . The King may be successful in holding together the coalition gover:iment within the general Geneva framework. Souvanna Phouma, who l as t
  • would consider our a c tion as a deliberate provocation during Kosygin lid: visit o I pointed out that it l\."aS not we that had taken the first action and on the contrary we had taken steps to avoid this develop ment.. All we are a.s king