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  • with about ten governors, and Martin Luther King somewhere in the middle of it. And it was good talk and a wonderful day, and I thought to myself: "Dear Lord, if he can just rest enough to think enough, it just might be wonderful." I mean, the next 13 months
  • Big breakfast with guests; everyone goes for walk and then bowling; lunch, a nap, and viewing of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on "Meet the Press; " more bowling; talk of approaching Eastman-Kodak to sponsor beautification; possible trip to Florida
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
  • Head of State visit of King Hussein I of Jordan; Lady Bird to USDA for Food and Home Fair for Consumers; Lady Bird meets "Smoky the Bear; " Lady Bird to Senate Ladies Red Cross Luncheon; State dinner for King Hussein I; exchange of gifts
  • Hussein, King of Jordan, 1935-1999
  • Greek King Paul's funeral; Archbishop Christostomas of Athens; Prince Phillip of England; unpleasant incident with Archbishop Makarias of Cyprus and crowd; long funeral procession to gravesite; Prince Loraton of Cambodia and stone-throwing at US
  • r . L a b o u is s e fo r the C a th e d ra l fo r the r e q u ie m m a s s for King Pau l. T h e en tran ce to the C a th e d r a l w as flan k ed by s o lid flanks of p h o to g r a p h e r s with fla sh in g bulbs and a u n ifo r m e d p a la ce
  • Lady Bird does desk work; visit of King of Burundi; paintings for the White House; Lady Bird works with Dick Goodwin on Lady Bird's upcoming Kentucky speech; military reception on White House lawn; Johnson family greets the guests; Lady Bird
  • MEMORAN DUM TH E W H IT E HOUSE WA S H IN GTON T u e sday, M ay 19, 1964 P a ge 1 The day began with desk w ork with L iz , B ess and Ashton. Then I w alked o ve r to Lyndon*s o ffic e to g r e e t the King of Burundi, on the law n s m a ll
  • ; Lady Jackson's ideas on improving cities; LBJ and Lady Bird to reception given by King Hussein I at Mayflower Hotel; party at the Warren Woodwards for Lloyd Hand; Lady Bird to Coliseum for Lipizzaner horse show; Luci Johnson & friends; Lady Bird's
  • Hussein, King of Jordan, 1935-1999
  • to build a c i t y , / ^ being both stud ied and ex ecu ted at the sam e tim e. At s ix , I a ccom p a n ied Lyndon to King H iisse in 's r ec e p tio n for u s and 1500 m o re people at the M ayflow er H o tel. i The D ip lom atic Corps cam e down
  • Lady Bird arrives in Athens for funeral of King Paul of Greece; welcoming ceremonies; Lady Bird lunches at restaurant along Aegean Sea; background briefing on Greek government; Georgios Papandreou and son; visit to Byzantine Monastery; drive
  • i n a v i a o n ly l a s t O c t o b e r - the King of D e n m a r k , a n d f r i e n d l y Q u e e n I n g r i d of D e n m a r k , a n d b e a u t i f u l A n n M a r i e , t h e i r p r i n c e s s , who i s g o in g to b e m a r r i e d to you
  • not the le a s t b it frig h te n e d lo o k in g . I d id n 't w a nt to add an e x tra g e rm so I j u s t patted h im and s a t down and h e ld h is hand. H e showed m e the a rtic le about L u c i by H e le n Th o m a s as to how she w as ta king C
  • with Jesse Kellam and the Thornberrys; upcoming Lady Bird trip with President Truman to Greece for funeral of King Paul; Executive Order creating Committee for the Preservation of the White House
  • o t t e r 's question,- as to whether I was going to the p erfo rm a n ce or not. our State Dinner fo r King H ussein. It is the night a fter I don’ t know i f there is any return function o r not, so I spent the next two hours v ig o r o u s ly