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  • - - - EMANUEL CELLER (D.-N. Y.) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1966 THIS IS NO TIME FOR PANIC Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Martin Luther King, able civil rights leader, asks President Johnson to abandon the military junta now ruling South Vietnam
  • ­ vented through the prog ram outlined by the study g r oup. I sincerely hope that this program will be put into p r actic e in l the near future. s~~cerely ·1 / .J~i~l~~ l C1..,tt.'~~. ,~ Martin Lunin , D. D . S. x. Professor and Head Department
  • resulted in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act of 1900 after discussions between Australian representcttives and the British G overnment. The first Federal Parliament was opened in Melbourne in May 1901 by King GeorgeV,then Duke of York. Tn i
  • and investigate$ applicationa for E~~ecu.tivo clemency.. I am calling your inquiry to his ;;;f.ttention. and am a~king hiln to let you k..'1.ovt the procedure to be followed by M:r. Smith in potitioning for pardon. Lamence F. O'Brien Special Ao oiata.nt
  • you~a, Mike Manato• A&nlnia.t J!atlvo Aeei•·~Ant to the l'rtud~·aen-tt I __.i...;........,_,•...._..".-v ·- 't '-:;. •• ( " • I . ; •, ., ~ . . I ·"'· f MANATOS/ MSCJ- Sent .SAV IJJH ,. · 1·· t" ANDERSON, COE & KING ~:t
  • , Robert W. KING, Carleton J. LINDSAY, John V. MacGRE())R, Clark MATHIAS, Charles McC 1 Jr. McCULLOCH, William M. McCLORY, Robert MOORE, Arch A., Jr. POFF, Richard H. RCDINO, Peter W., Jr. ROGERS, Byron G., SENNER, George F ., Jr·. st. ONGE, William L