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  • . Worked with Ashton. Entry No. Time Activity Worked with Bess on Austrian dinner. Worked with Liz on Texas trip. 4. ! Learned that Martin Luther King had been assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. 10:20 Secretary and Mrs. Clark Clifford, Mr
  • Sat west 10:54 11:00 f 11:16 f 11:40 11:50 11:55 12:50 12:55 t t 1:20 1:22 t 1:24 t 2:05 2:30 wing Arrive office Secy Rusk Sen. Anderson In the office w/ Roy Wilkins, Whitney Young Larry O'Brien office James 1-18-64 Farmer, Dr. Martin
  • for Atlanta, Georgia (on airplane spoke to Martin Luther King) 9:15 Arrive Atlanta. Met by Governor and Mrs. Sanders, Mayor Allen 9:30 Rode w/ Mayor Allen, Bo Jones 10:15 Arrive at Communicable Disease Center Ground Breaking Ceremony - Speech 11:30 To Dr
  • Watched Clark Clifford and General Taylor on TV. 1:00 Watched Martin Luther King on TV. 3. 1:45 Lunch - sandwiches. Took plate to the upper deck. 3:30 Nap 4. 5:14 Docked; were met by Luci, Pat, and Joe Batson. (Luci wearing green stockings.) Went
  • over. The President returned to his bedroom. Abe Fortas, Washington, D. C. The President called for JV to come into his bedroom and then for hot water for his tea Bill Moyers - Washington,. D. C. Dr. Martin Luther King - Atlanta, Georgia Horace Busby
  • learne d t o sa y 'Mr . President,1 i s practicing.' ' E. Palme Palme rrHoyt Hoyt ,,Denver Denver ,, Colorad Colorad o Lee Myer White re telephone White re Mr of Martin Luther Feldman call and resulting Wachtel who King's lawyer memo is one fr Lee
  • Baring 10:27 Sen George Smathers in Oval Room Pierre Salinger and Andy Hatcher in Oval Room 10:50 f Sen. Mansfield John Steele in Oval Room 11:30 Lee White 11:37 Martin Luther King, Jr 12:10 t Dave McDonald 12:25 t Cong Chet Holifield w/ Lee White Dr
  • y an y danJac d Jac k Valent k Valent i i Bundy and Mrs Martin Luther King VP-elect Humphrey Dec White House 18 Friday To Dr Rev Rev then O'Donnells office w/ Dr Mrs King to meet and Mrs Ralph G Abernathy aid to King Walter Fauntroy
  • Cong Edwin E Willis SENATE STAFF: George Autry Joe Davis William Findley Francis Rosenberger Paul Woolward HOUSE STAFF: Bess Dick William R Foley Martin R Hoffman -Oscar Altshuler, Assistant U. S. Attorney Hon. Luther Alverson, Superior Court, Atlanta
  • Leonard Grant Mr. Melvin Payne Mr. Chester Brown until 12:23 pm Walter Jenkins (nr - fr. Cabinet Room) in mjdr's office , talking with Lee White. Mr. White told him tha t Martin Luther King was calling him,andthe President said: "Tel l him I'v e sent