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  • H eflin Heid eke Holstein Holt Horany Hughes Hull Isaacks Ivey .Jackson James Ja.meson Jobe Johnson Jones Kazen Kilgore King Kirkpatrick Latimer Lee Lehma.n Lewis Lindsey Loving Luedemann ;\IcCann ll1cCorkle Mc· Daniel Mc·Donald McGregor Steward
  • , and then to baseball game with President 7 2:00 Baseball game - opening day - Wash. Senators 8 5:40 Ar. back at P-38 - Dr. Martin L. King * Selected names should be underscored. SEE VERSO FOR TRAVEL ACTIVITY AND CODE Expenditure Code
  • at Angelholm, arriving at 12:25 Helicopter to Sofiero w/ Amb. and Mrs. Parsons, Mrs. Johnson, Lynda, Dr. Thompson, Amb. and Mrs. Jarring, HB, EC, arriving Sofiero at 12:45 Greeted by King Gustav VI Adolf and Queen Louise -- walk to the private summer residence
  • : Senators Symington, Brewster, Long (Mo.), Anderson, Tower, Byrd, Congressmen Thornberry, Karsten, Mahon, Price, Col. Busch and four others (15 in all) joined by Sen. Yarborough for coffee Visit with Prince Peter of Greece, brother of King Paul, accompanied
  • -37 Senator Johnson opened the Senate Ambassador Carrillo Flores and Mr. Martinez (Mexico City) Bill Doherty and group of letter carriers for picture (see guest book for complete list) John and Bobby Senator Dirksen Speaker Joint Session --to hear King
  • become quite friendly with us in Townsville. We still have h is collection of symphonic records. Speaking of planes, the B26 is probably the biggest success. These fast Martins have borne t he brunt of our bombing operations for t he past two mont hs
  • over ~he Rio Grande Valle7 where he knows every-one and having served as a Captain in the Air Corp• down there as contact man between the Air Corpe and the local ci ti.sens, settling any arxi all claims and •king usage of various and sund17 tracts o
  • to parapets. . To King's Palace for audience w/ King Olav I at 1:00 King's Palace - luncheon hosted by King Olav I To Hotel, returning at 3:35 A. W. Moursund To Government dinner w/ Amb. and Mrs. Wharton, Mrs. Johnson and Lynda . .hosted by Prime Minister
  • , and other Greek dignitaries as well a s a large crowd of townspeople and military honor guard 2 By motorcade to summer palace of the King and Queen. 3 Informal luncheon with their Majesties, King Paul and Queen Frederika, at Mon Repos. Also present: Mrs
  • / Allen Drury White House - Stag Luncheon for King of Laos Depart White House, arriving Capitol at 2:05 going directly to the floor Arr. S212 Walter Jenkins Sen. and Mrs. James Watson of New York - with a report on a New York program in which the Vice