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  • leadership away from Martin Luther King. When he succeeded in doing that, King went out the next day and led a march over the bridge and beyond the line that Judge Johnson had said they could not transgress within the limits of the court order. King called us
  • delivered) 25 9/26/66 U.S. Marshals' Conference Great Hall 26 9/29/66 Association of Federal Investigators 26 10/4/66 USA Orientation Group: Conference Room 26 10/5/66 Democratic Campaign Conference: per L. Martin 07/03/17 Series/Sub-series
  • legislation. Senator Brooke, Senator Percy, Senator Javits, worked very hard without any reservations, and were major factors. While people still think in terms of Dr. King's assassination as having made the passage of open housing possible, the fact
  • too after you became acting attorney general? C: Yes, I think he relied on me while I was deputy, and somewhat even before I was deputy. Unquestionably but, you know, not as a matter of chief reliance. I remember when Dr. King visited him