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  • Reedy’s return to LBJ’s staff; preparations for 1968 campaign; March 31, 1968 speech, Washington riots; assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy; Reedy’s book on the presidency; maritime strike; Sam Houston; last year of LBJ’s
  • to the end of the year, I think. R: That was one that I remember. It was a rather interesting situation. You know the facts on it, don't you? G: Essentially, yes, but before we get to that, any insights on the [Martin Luther] King assassination
  • of indifferent to Kennedy. But what he did was, that finally brought them in, was that call to Coretta King when Martin Luther King was tossed in the [Georgia state prison]. And of course the Latinos, they thought Johnson was the greatest invention since sliced
  • interests in Cuba. I wouldn't say it '"as one of a1arm, because in a sense Cuba didn't seem to have much relationship to us. The principal constituent was the King Ranch which had a tremendous amount of land in Cuba, all of which got expropiated. And we
  • point than any other time I've ever seen him. Because you know this is a fairly impressive list, Martin Agronsky, Popham, Walter Mansell, Paul Scott-­ who's a real nut; that's a little bit harsh, he's quite fanatical-­ Bill Stringer, Ray Brooks, Ray
  • on--? R: Oh yes--Slick Persons and Jack Martin and the rest of the Administration--you know, the legislative liaison men were standing right outside the doors of the chamber and grabbing the Republicans as they came off and on. Fortunately, a few