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  • Davies who were in Cabinet Room and mjdr's office Governor Connally - Austin (b.2) to wait To Diplomatic Reception Room for arrival ceremonies for King Hussein I of Jordan w/ Genl Clifton, Secy Ball, Phillips Talbott Walk to helicopter to greet the King
  • THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON Mrs. Johnson began her day at (Place) Entry No. Date April 14, 1964 Day Tuesday Time Appointment O P Activity (include visited by) Expenditure 11:40 Robin Duke Greet King Hussein on North Portico (yellow dress
  • Head of State visit of King Hussein I of Jordan; Lady Bird to USDA for Food and Home Fair for Consumers; Lady Bird meets "Smoky the Bear; " Lady Bird to Senate Ladies Red Cross Luncheon; State dinner for King Hussein I; exchange of gifts
  • Hussein, King of Jordan, 1935-1999