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  • briefing 1:46 1:55 t 4:03 To porch 4:25 4:06 Mayor f 4:33 Meets w/ King Hussein I Kolmer Gave King photo album, 5:25 Meets 6:00 6:03 7:15 8:35 9:00 around office area & in picture made by C. Stoughton in to office w/ group Richard Daley
  • . du Pont 2:30 Lunch in room w/ Lynda 4:30 Florence Mahoney and Lady Jackson - tea in Yellow Room 6:00 To President's office 6:05 To Mayflower Hotel for reception by King Hussein 6:40 Back to White House to change into red lace dress 7:00 To Warren
  • ; Lady Jackson's ideas on improving cities; LBJ and Lady Bird to reception given by King Hussein I at Mayflower Hotel; party at the Warren Woodwards for Lloyd Hand; Lady Bird to Coliseum for Lipizzaner horse show; Luci Johnson & friends; Lady Bird's
  • Hussein, King of Jordan, 1935-1999
  • to build a c i t y , / ^ being both stud ied and ex ecu ted at the sam e tim e. At s ix , I a ccom p a n ied Lyndon to King H iisse in 's r ec e p tio n for u s and 1500 m o re people at the M ayflow er H o tel. i The D ip lom atic Corps cam e down